ImPrEP at IAS 2021

Always bringing the gold standard on HIV epidemic’s scientific research to experts, investigators and health providers, the International AIDS Society will promote virtually, from 18 to 21 July, its 11th Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2021), .Berlin will be the host city.

ImPrEP will once again be present at the event, repeating the successful strategy of participation in IAS 2019, with a diversified program, which includes the promotion of the satellite symposium entitled “PrEP implementation in Latin America – Results of the ImPrEP Project”, as well as oral presentations and posters.

Check out the full list of ImPrEP activities at IAS 2021:

Satellite Symposium

“PrEP implementation in Latin America – Results of the ImPrEP Project”

July 20th (available to conference registrants from 8.30 AM (CET or GMT+2) / 3.30 AM (BRT or GMT-3) / 1.30 AM (GMT-5) Topics and ImPrEP Participants:

– ImPrEP project overview and selected results, with Valdiléa Veloso (National Institute of Infectious Diseases Evandro Chagas – INI/Fiocruz, Brazil)

– Challenges and facilitators for PrEP implementation in public health services in Brazil under Covid-19 pandemic, with Brenda Hoagland (INI/Fiocruz, Brazil)

– The impact of the Covid-19 restrictions on the ImPrEP cohort in Peru, with Kelika Konda (Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University)

–  From enrollment to adherence and retention in PrEP services: Experiences of ImPrEP in Mexico, with Hamid Vega (National Institute of Psychiatry Ramon de La Fuente Muñiz, Mexico)

Special guest: Rachel Baggaley (World Health Organization).

Oral Presentations

 “Early predictors of seroconversion among  enrollees in a PrEP program in Brazil, Mexico and Peru – the ImPrEP Demonstration study”, with Carlos Cáceres (Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University) et al (OAC0102)


-Assessing the cost of PrEP delivery in Mexico: results from the ImPrEP study, with Diego Cerecero-García (National Institute of Public Health of Mexico) et al (PEC304)

-Awareness, beliefs, and barriers to prescribing PrEP among physicians in Brazil and Mexico – ImPrEP Study, with Hamid Vega (National Institute of Psychiatry Ramon de La Fuente Muñiz, Mexico) et al (PEC372)

-Impact of Covid-19 pandemic and pandemic response on cisgender men who have sex withmen (MSM) and transwomen in a PrEP cohort from Brazil, Peru and Mexico – ImPrEP study, with Thiago Torres (INI/Fiocruz, Brazil) et al (PEC331)

-Awareness of ED-PrEP and interest in switching from daily oral PrEP to ED-PrEP in Brazil, Peru and Mexico – the ImPrEP study, with Brenda Hoagland (INI/Fiocruz, Brazil) et al (PEC301)

-High rates of sexualized drug use among Brazilian transwomen, with Emilia Jalil (INI/Fiocruz, Brazil) et al (PEC378)

-Importance of accounting for ART costs saved in the long term when estimating HIV PrEP cost-effectiveness: a modeling study informed by the ImPrEP demonstration project, with Annick Borquez (University of California at San Diego – USA) et al (PEC305)

– Understanding barriers and challenges to PrEP adherence: experiences of PrEP discontinuation among MSM and transwomen in Peru – The ImPrEP Study, with J.P. Girón (Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University) et al (PED652)