IMPREP project

“ImPrEP” project will be carried out in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru with the purpose of approaching the strategic aspects about the implementation of PrEP, serving as a step of preparation to launch integrated services of PrEP in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. Such countries were selected because they report a high rate of HIV in the region. Brazil has the highest number of cases of AIDS and represents more than 40% of all new infections in the region. More 41% of the total of new infections occurred in seven countries, including Mexico and Peru. Although they are medium-income countries, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru have the inequalities deeply rooted as common characteristic. In the three countries, men make sex with men (HSH), transgender people and transvestites are the target populations of this project, and who face very high levels of stigma and discrimination, and an HIV rate comparable to the populations of several African countries.

The strategic collaboration between Brazil, Mexico, and Peru will approach such challenge generating and applying strong evidences of the research of implementation of PrEP in the three countries. It is expected that the results of the project are used to subsidize programmatic strategies to implement and enhance feasible, fair, economic, and sustainable PrEP programs. It will contribute to maximize the impact of public health on the reduction of occurrence of HIV among youngsters, men that make sex with men, transgender people and transvestites in the three countries.

“ImPrEP” project is an initiative of FIOCRUZ – Fundação Osvaldo Cruz in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Brazil, Peruvian University Caetano Heredia (in Peru), and Condesa Clinic (in Mexico) with the financial support of UNITAID.